Wedding Photo Tips: Take the Most Memorable Photographs at Weddings

A wedding is the most beautiful occasion to capture and photograph. Unfortunately, many of us, get so caught up in the moments that the photos we take are either out of focus, blurry, unrecognizable, too crowded with people or just simply not good. Sad, isn’t it?

But wait, there’s hope. Here are some amazing posts that offer you the best tips in wedding photography for amateur photographers:

1.21 Tips to See You Through Your First Wedding Photography Session 

Ahh, that first wedding photo shoot. Nervous? Don’t be. These tips from the Digital Photography School will see you through the day looking and clicking like a pro.

2.How to Photograph a Hindu Wedding 

Photographing a Hindu wedding is very different. Yes, there are more colors, more rituals and more outfits that scream to be captured. Learn how to photograph a Hindu wedding should you be invited to one.

 3. Learning Wedding Photography

Want to know the basics about wedding photography? What to do? What to avoid? This is your post, then.

 4.Wedding Photo Tips 

Need to go into greater detail about clicking that perfect photo at weddings? This two-part series will show you how.

5.Photographer’s Checklist 

Yes, every wedding photographer must have a checklist. This post makes it easy for you to create one.

6.Professional Wedding Photography Tips for Gorgeous Albums 

Finally, where do wedding photographs eventually land up? In albums. That people want to look at over and over again. These tips will help you click those ‘in-the-moment’ photos that the bride, groom and extended family will want to keep looking at.

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