We take pictures of Everything! APPO

Watching the Super Bowl this year on TV I saw more people taking pictures with smartphones than ever before! I can confidently predict that this trend will continue and trend rapidly higher.

To quote the Association Personal  Photo Organizers (APPO) “We. Take. Pictures. Of. Everything. And because of this, photo management chaos has ensued. Photos accumulate on our phone, the cloud, on a hard drive or even worse… on an old computer. On top of that, our old film photos are still in shoe boxes hiding the memories that shaped who we are today. We no longer have an accessible, tangible reminder to share.”

I fall into that category. There are a ton of pics on my old computer, iPad, digital camera SD card, iPhone and across my kid’s phones. Photo organization and the digital tools available are a must in my life. Lifephoto specializes in photo organization through an assortment of professional quality photo printing and custom design photo gifts. See the Lifephoto gift catalog here.

So what is APPO’s mission? I will quote again:

“APPO is a membership association that trains, supports and provides industry tools to its members, known as Personal Photo Organizers, equipping them to rescue, manage, organize and save your photos allowing you to easily find, preserve and share your stories.”

The APPO National Conference happens this week Feb 12th – 15th. You can learn more about the event here.

By Isabelle Thornton

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