Upload photos for school day planners, dorm wall calendars and locker noteboards

Personalize school day planners with photos and important dates

lifephoto back-to-school photo wall calendars

Lifephoto.com, an online digital photo gift store and digital photo gallery, offers a host of photo gift ideas for back-to-school lockers and dorms. Among the products of special interest to students are photo notebooks, magnetic locker calendars, dry erase boards, photo day planner/organizers and photo wall calendars.

Photo Day Planners/School Day Organizers are a Lifephoto Specialty

“Our photo day planners are, without exception, the best value for a customized daily planner that can be easily made online,” explains Lifephoto president, Eric Hegwood. “Our photo quality is excellent because our Lifephoto products are processed in our own professional photo lab – the same lab used by professional photographers across the country.”

Lifephoto day planners

Lifephoto’s can be filled with up to 54 photos and the customer can add date reminders for homework due dates, upcoming tests, field trips and other school related activities. Daily planners are spiral bound and come in two convenient sizes. These are great for students and for the busy mom who plans her time around the school year.

Photo wall calendars for dorms by Lifephoto

Photo wall calendars are another popular back-to-school organization tool that is available in two sizes and can include 12 to 18 photos.

All Lifephoto wall calendars and photo day planners can begin or end on any date, not just the traditional January-December calendar year. This means students or busy moms can begin their calendars and day planners in August or September to follow their school year.

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