Turn Your Nature Photography into a Personalized Planner

Why purchase a generic planner when you can create your own with all your beautiful nature photography? As a hobby nature photographer, you’ve got a great eye when it comes to documenting the beauty of nature. From colorful sunsets, stunning water views, breathtaking landscapes, and even animals, you have hundreds, if not thousands of images. Use your work to create a personalized planner to feel organized and excited whenever you open it. 

Here are the 4 basic steps to creating your very own nature photographer planner and some benefits to creating your custom planner. 

First: Choosing Your Personalized Planner Layout

Generally, there are two types of planners: weekly planners and monthly planners. Learn about both and choose which one suits you best.

Weekly Planners – Weekly planners are great for keeping you on track week-to-week. These planners hold all of your weekly meetings, appointments, kids’ activities, and more for you and your family. 

Weekly Planners are 136 pages, including a customizable cover, 52 photo pages, 12 monthly calendar pages, and 52 weekly pages.

Begin Your planner in any month. Choose your size and orientation:

Monthly Planners – Your monthly planner is great for keeping your year organized month-to-month. You can keep track of events, parties, holidays, kids’ activities, and more in an easy-to-use monthly planner. 

Standard Monthly Planners are 88 pages and include a customizable planner cover, 12 photo pages, 12 monthly calendar pages, and 52 weekly pages.

To get started, begin your planner in any month. You can start January or start in June. Whatever works best for you and your organization.

Choose your size and orientation:

Now that you know which style of planner to use, we can move on to the next step.

Second: Organizing Your Nature Photography

Now for the fun part: organizing your nature photos! 

Step 1) Getting Organized 

If you already have a system for organizing your final photos, the next step is to create a folder on your computer to start curating the images you want to use for the planner. 

If you need to implement a system to organize your nature photography, this is the perfect opportunity! Go through all the folders on your computer and label them appropriately. You can create an archive folder to place older photos you don’t want to use (or delete them). 

You can organize your nature photography in a couple of ways;

  • Location
  • Season
  • Date and location 
  • Landscapes

Organizing your photos is completely up to you, but being organized will make the next steps much easier!

2) Gathering Your Images

So, how many images will you need? That depends on which style of planner you choose and which layout you use with that style of planner. 

In general, you’ll need at least: 

  • Weekly Planners – 52 or more images (up to 152 images)
  • Monthly Planners – 12 or more images (up to 36 images)

You can create a folder for each month and follow a theme for each month. For example, maybe during the winter months, you want to feature winter landscape photography. 

Now, you can go through your organized image folders from step one and gather your images for step two!

You can add your images individually or as galleries to find the images you want for this project easily. My advice would be to create a gallery because it makes it easier to update images in the editor.

3) Laying Out Your Personalized Planner 

Now that you have your nature photos ready, it’s time to lay out your personalized planner. The LifePhoto software makes it incredibly easy to upload your photos and lay them out how you’d like them to look. 

You can quickly and easily upload your photos and arrange them your way with the intuitive editor. You can add text, and change the font type, color, and size to add quotes, reminders, and notes to your planner. 

4) Final Touches and Review

After you’ve finished editing your planner, take a few minutes to read through each page. Do you like the image you’ve chosen? The quote? Read through any text to catch any typos.

After you are ready, it’s time to hit print!

With LifePhoto, 

  • Photo covers printed on heavy 110# premium white paper
  • Custom pages are printed on eco-friendly sustainable 80# white writing paper, printed with the background, photos, and format of your choosing
  • Spiral-bound, lay-flat design for easy use 

You’ll love your personalized planner using your very own nature photography. You’ll feel excited and inspired every time you turn the page. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be motivated to take even more photos this year for next year’s planner.

Custom Daily Planner

5 Benefits of a Personalized Planner

Yes, taking the time to use your nature photography to create a personalized planner is a true labor of love. It will take some time to curate your images, design your layout, and choose your planner, BUT there are so many benefits to creating your own custom planner. 

1. You’ll be reminded of the beauty in this world – You have a tangible reminder that there is beauty everywhere. All you need to do is look for it!

2. Your own work will motivate and inspire you – Instead of someone else’s photos or a blank, generic planner, your photography will inspire you throughout the year.

3. No one else will have the same planner – You aren’t using the same planner as everyone else. You’re using the one you carefully created yourself!

4. Start the year off right – Imagine starting the year by achieving this very project. You’ll feel ready to start the year strong with your planner in hand.

5. Organized your way – With the ability to customize your entire planner from the layout to the design, you get to be organized your way. 

Student Planner Notebook

Turning Your Nature Photography into a Personalized Planner 

Your nature photography will look beautiful in your very own personalized planner. Imagine holding this planner in your hands and what that will mean to the future you. Future you will feel organized and inspired every time you hold your planner. 

Are you ready to get started?

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