Turn Travel Pix into a Photo Day Planner

Upload your favorite travel photos & make a personal day planner on Lifephoto

If you enjoy snapping travel photos, you’ll enjoy reliving the memories in a personalized photo day planner that’s filled with your pictures.

Taken a cruise? Vacationed in Hawaii, Aruba or Mexico? New York City, Seattle or Europe? Keep those happy travel times in mind all year long by including them in a photo day planner.

Two photo day planner sizes are available from Lifephoto and you can choose to include 13, 27 or 53 photos. Several layout options also include the ability to add captions to your photos.

Start a Day Planner in Any Month of the Year

Here’s an example of a travel day planner I created to begin in October 2010. Page through to see the 13 photos I chose to include. Another great option from Lifephoto is the ability to add notes on special dates, anniversaries, birthdays. Make your day planner as personal as you like. Start your daily planner right now!

View my travel day planner with this link.

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