Turn family photos into inexpensive and cool Christmas gifts

Do you have stacks of photos? Shoe boxes of photo cover? Most stashed under a bed or in a closet?

You could be using those photos right-now to create terrific photo gifts for Christmas and holiday giving.

What Makes a Photo Gift a Great Idea?

  • You already have the digital photos — most are probably digital already, but others can easily be scanned.
  • Photo gifts are quick and easy to make online.
  • Inexpensive — great if you’re on a budget — but they look expensive!
  • One-of-a-kind gifts that will bring back happy memories again and again.

Types of Photo Gifts Friends and Family Might Like

  • Personalized photo calendar – 11′x8.5″; with or without a caption. Frameable. Just $12.75!
  • Personalized journal — Price at $15.50 and size is 7″x9″. Hardcover, with or without photo cover.
  • Spiral photo calendar — two sizes available– 8.5″x11″; choose 12- or 18-month option. Add your own text reminders. Start your calendar with any month. Prices start at $13.00.
  • Photo day planner: Get the size of 7″x9″ and add your own text reminders. Prices start at $65.00.

Easy Online Digital Photo Uploading

It is so-o-o easy and FAST to make these gifts online at lifephoto.com. Plus the quality is top-notch — orders are processed in lifephoto’s commercial photography lab — the same lab where professional photographers send their work for clients.

How Many Photos Do You Need?

Photo gifts can required as little as one photo. Some use 2 or 3. Photo books need at least 20 photos, but can take as many photos as you want to include.

When Should You Start Your Photo Gift Planning?

Right now is the best time. You can do it in stages as you have time — and still have those gifts ready to give at holiday time.

  • Begin by making a list of people for whom you need holiday gifts.
  • Set a budget for each gift.
  • Sort through your photos to decide how you want to use the photos for each gift and what the recipient might most enjoy.
  • Upload your pix to lifephoto.com — you can store an unlimited number of photos there in project folders — get back to completing each project at your leisure.

Photo gifts are very fun to make — and even more fun to receive. Memories are captured forever and continually enjoyed when you make a photo gift.

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