Tips for Organizing Your Day

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Do you start browsing through your emails and Facebook page while rushing to get the kids ready for school? That has been my typical routine. I find myself quickly distracted instead of taking care of priorities. Here are some ideas to plan & organize your day that work for me.

Tip #1 – Write it down; A written list helps you focus on priorities

Tip #2 – Start with the big tasks

If I don’t do the hard things in the morning such as my lagging news year’s resolution to hit the treadmill then it just does not get done later in the day. Kids get home from school, homework papers fly and they are already late for basketball practice. There is no time like first thing in the morning to get the big things taken care of.

Tip #3 – Split up your day

Your day comes at you at light speed. Breaking the day into workable blocks can help you accomplish more. I blog best at night after 9 PM. The kids are in bed and I can think creatively. Work your daily blocks of time to your advantage.

Tip #4 – Plan to indulge a little

You deserve it! Plan some you time into every day. It will happen more often if you write it down!

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By Isabelle Thornton

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