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Who can argue with eco friendly, especially in photographic products that have traditionally been eco unfriendly. Photo emulsions, chemicals and traditional photo processing equipment have put toxic materials into our hands, our air and our groundwater. It doesn’t have to be that way if we, as consumers, tune in to the issue.

An Eco Friendly Photo Lab

Wenona Napolitano authored a green blog post on Eco Child’s Play (Green Parenting for Non-toxic, Healthy homes). She is raving about her discovery of Continue reading to view her post.

Written by Wenona Napolitano Published on July 9th, 2009

Most of my photos get stored on the computer, on flash drives and DVDs. I sometimes get creative and make some photo books or do a little digital scrapbooking. However the grandparents always want photos…and they aren’t as digital savvy as some other family members. Email about does them in, don’t ask them to download, upload or do anything else technically advanced. That means I have to make prints.

I found a site that offers eco-friendly printing options,

I have been a Shutterfly user for years because their programs are very user friendly and they offer photo storage for free but now I am loving LifePhoto because of their eco photo choices.

“All Lifephoto press-printed photo books, calendars, cards and Earthtru™ Prints are produced by a Kodak NexPress. Earthtru recyclable photo prints can be ordered on paper that is composed partially of recycled material. Even some elements of the NexPress are made from reclaimed materials and designed for future remanufacturing. Dry inks used by the press are packaged in recyclable containers, and printed sheets generated by it can easily be de-inked.”

Lifephoto’s Earthtru prints are produced using nontoxic, dry inks rather than chemicals, unlike traditional photographic printing. Earthtru Prints are highly fade resistant, acid free. So you end up with high quality and eco-friendly prints.

Lifephoto not only offers prints but photo books, photo greeting cards, calendars, posters, playing cards and other photo gifts. Perfect to give the grandparents what they want…photos of their precious grandchildren. Nothing makes my mom happier than a photo book or photo gift with her grandchildren on it. She has everything else she needs (except maybe a bunch of money) but memories and items to cherish are what she adores and now I can design them and have them printed on eco-friendly photo paper.

If you love to take photographs but have hesitated to print because of environmental concerns now you have a little less to worry about by getting your photos printed with the Earthtru process.

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