The Art of Gratitude: Simple Ways to Say Thank You

This month, on Lifephoto, we’re honoring those who make our lives special, sweet, meaningful, fun, easy, happy. Yes, we’re saying, “thank you” to anyone who’s made us feel better about ourselves, helped us out with a kind word or just been there for us.

Here are some simple ways to say Thank You and really mean it:

1. Write a Heartfelt Thank You Note

You can start by writing the person a really sweet and from-the-heart message about how they helped you out or made a difference to your life. Better still, choose one of our photo thank you cards and you’ll create more of an impact, easily and nicely.

 2. Gift a Gift Certificate

We all love being indulged and pampered, and a gift certificate is a great way to do that. If the person you’re thanking loves a good cuppa coffee, gift them a month’s worth of gift certificates to their favorite coffee shop. You can do the same for salons, spas, or even, Lifephoto!

 3. Return the Favor

See how you can return the favor and make the other person feel cared for and special as well. Whether it is by running errands for them or simply, helping them out at work or home, returning the favor is a simple way to say you’re grateful.

 4. Frame the Happiness

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and it is especially true when you’re trying to say, ‘thank you’. Find a happy picture of the recipient and you or just the recipient and get it framed, printed on glass or paneled on canvas and gift it to them. They’ll be reminded of you each time they look at it and you’ll be expressing your gratitude in a way that’s simply special.

At the end of the day, how you express your gratitude is not what matters, what matters is that it comes from the heart, rings true and makes the other person feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So, how are you going to express the art of gratitude this month?

 Photo Credit: Desi

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