Thanksgiving Cards with Your Own Photos

Long ago I abandoned the wonderful tradition of exchanging Christmas cards each year.  There was never enough time. For awhile I switched to New Year’s cards — that worked pretty well.

But now I send out Thanksgiving cards to our family and friends. The  season is less hectic but it is still a very meaningful holiday. It’s not about gift-giving but about sharing and giving thanks for our blessings. I think Thanksgiving is a lovely occasion to send a card — and this year I am creating my own meaningful cards with photos that highlight people for whom we are thankful to count as friends.

Easy-to-Make Cards with My Digital Photos.

My theme this year is Thanksgiving 2009 — Giving thanks for great friends and great trips. We had taken an Alaska cruise with our friends — had some terrific photos from the trip — and decided this was a great way to share them.

Thanksgiving photo card from

Accordion Holiday Cards — More Photos to Share

Of all the card selections on, I chose the accordion card. It offers me 8 sides on which to place my photos with captions below (if I choose). For  my background, I chose “Leaves” from Lifephoto’s Natural collection of backgrounds. However, I could have simply skipped a background and let the photos fill each section of the card. But for Thanksgiving, I thought the deep harvest color was perfect.

I chose a linen lustre cardstock; all of Lifephoto’s greeting cards come with matching envelopes — you can even have the return address imprinted at no extra charge.

After uploading the eight photos I wanted, I did some quick cropping with Lifephoto’s editing tool and then added my captions. I chose the far left card face on the “Front”  as my “cover” and added a Thanksgiving greeting there. As recipients open the accordion card, they’ll see us, our friends and photos of the wonderful places we visited — each with an explanatory caption.

Accordion cards are terrific for a variety of greeting card purposes:

  • Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving holiday cards
  • Baby Announcements.
  • Wedding Thank-You Cards.
  • Every day mini family photo album to share.
  • A quick-and-easy “brag” book of grandchildren
  • Family card recapping the great moments of a vacation.
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