Taking School Pictures for Home School Kids

Our children grow quickly, and we need to be quick to capture these moments. It will help them to look back and see how much they have changed, remind them where they have come from, and the people they have lived with. Here are some tips that will help you take pictures of your home schooled kids.

Taking School Pictures for Home School Kids

Taking School Pictures

The set up
The first step in taking great photos of your home-school kids that will help refresh their memory, is selecting a great setup. This entails making sure your kids are in their favorite clothing. Consider using appropriate props, such as a beaker filled with colored water for your science class, or a board filled with equations for a mathematics class. You should also select an appropriate location for taking your home pictures. A plain wall would be great, but you may also consider curtains, or you could take your kids to a garden and have the school pictures taken.

Let their personality come out
One of the things that will make your home-school kids appreciate their school pictures in their adult life is taking home school photos that reflect their personality. They will look at them and identify with every aspect in the photo. In fact, one of the main reasons we home school is to let our kids feel free to manifest and develop their own unique personality away from peer pressure and the need to conform to group norms. Great school photos for your kids should portray their personality.

Dynamic perspective
To make your kids school pictures great, make sure they all have different perspectives. Try and create dynamic perspectives for different photos. You may try standing on a chair, getting on your belly, climbing a ladder, or anything else out of the normal routine.

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