Taking Pictures at an Upcoming Baby Shower

Whether you’re planning or attending a baby shower, it’s important to capture a lot of quality pictures. Here are some great ideas when it comes to capturing the memories:

baby shower decor

Before the party begins, take pictures of the decor. Capture the theme by getting pictures of the decorations, food table, any signs, and the setup of the room. Before guests arrive, be sure to get a picture of the mom-to-be in her outfit with her baby bump. It’s important to get pictures of the room because the future mom can get caught up with guests and not be able to take a moment to appreciate the decor until it’s time for clean up.

If the mom-to-be has any children currently, it’s a great idea to get pictures of them at the shower. Small children will likely want to help mom open gifts. Try to capture candid photos like her children around her while opening gifts or with their hands on her tummy. When the children are older they will love this memory as much as mom.To be sure not to miss any photo taking opportunities, place a couple disposable cameras at each table; you may want to add a small note encouraging guests to take pictures. Printing these pictures and looking through them or putting them into a baby shower photobookwill be so fun for the new mom.One of the best keepsakes from the baby shower is going to be the invitation itself. The invitation sometimes announces the sex of the baby, and when personalized with a picture is worth saving. At Lifephoto, we make baby shower invitations and baby announcements easy to make online. Our birth announcements in accordion cards are perfect for sharing multiple photos of the newest addition to your family. For more information, visit our website and start planning!

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