Taking Group Photos at a Baby Shower

If a loved one has an upcoming baby shower, taking pictures is a lot of responsibility. These pictures will likely be put into a baby shower photo book and shared for years and years. Many of the pictures you will want to be captured are those with the mother-to-be surrounded by her family and friends. Here are some tips for getting great group photos at a baby shower:

baby shower pictures

-Be sure the one in charge of taking pictures arrives before the guest of honor to get setup and gather pictures of the room.
-Get a shot of the mother-to-be walking into the room. She will likely be impressed with the decor and be excited to see her loved ones, so capture her big smile.
-Each game that is played is a great time to snap a picture.
-Other great action photos include: while opening gifts, while eating dessert and the dessert table, while laughing, and while hugging and conversing with family members.

Other than great candid shots of the mother-to-be, you’ll want to take several group photos. When gathering friends and family to take pictures at the baby shower, here are some things to keep in mind:

-Try to take pictures of people at eye level. If a group is standing, stand to take the picture and the same goes with sitting. It may not seem important at the time, but you don’t want to be surprised with awkward angles once the pictures are printed.
-Remember to position people so they are illuminated by the best light source. Having a light source behind them will cause them to look like shadows and won’t be good quality.
-If you’re indoors and are using the flash on your camera, stand 6-12 feet away from your subjects. This will improve the picture without flushing them out.
-Lastly, as the photographer, don’t forget to get into some pictures yourself! You may be working hard to add to the photo book and forget to include yourself in the group shots.

Once the baby shower pictures have been taken, put your photos together in a fun photo book from Lifephoto. Add things like guests names and descriptions and then share it on your blog or Facebook page!

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