Taking better photos of your kids

Photography is an art that captures our most precious moments and memories. This is why you need to do it as best you can, because once that moment is passed, there is no turning back. We really love taking photos of every moment in our kids lives, and moms especially do. Imagine capturing your kids first step, a photo of them when they grow their first tooth, and photos of their first birthday. The list is endless, and you will agree that these are some of the most beautiful and memorable moments of our kids lives. However, capturing these moments and avoiding all those blurred images, shadows, and just boring images will require you to put some effort into it. Your kids will rarely sit and pose calmly, or give you a perfect smile, while they wait for you to snap it! You have to know how to do it while they are still on the move and I will tell you just how!

How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

take better photos - child photographyGet down on their level.

Some of the best shots of children are those taken at their eye level. You can bend over, squat, kneel, or sit as long as you are not taller than them. You will notice that photos taken from this perspective look so much better and real that those taken from the bird’s eye view. Also remember to be fast as these moments can easily pass you by. On a side note, it’s also good to take a few from above to capture those memories of how they used to look up at mommy and daddy.

Let your kids be themselves.

Capture those beautiful moments as they are; trying to get your kids to pose makes them nervous and you end up with plastic smiles and bored faces. Try to capture those least expected moments like when they are making funny faces or playing. There’s nothing worse than seeing a frustrated mom yelling at her young ones to hold still for photos. 99% of the time it destroys the atmosphere and ruins the chances of capturing what could have been some beautiful memories. Don’t forget that for children, posing for the camera is something exciting and fun. If you want to teach them how to hold still for pictures simply start taking more photos of them.

Focus on the eyes.

If you look at previous photos of your kids or even yourself as a child, you will notice that those photos that have a focus on the eyes are quite intriguing. Unless you are just taking blunt shots, try and get them to focus on the camera so that you can capture the eyes. You can call them out to get their attention then click!

Make sure you shoot in good lighting.

The secret to any great photography is proper lighting. If you want to takes shots in the shade, make sure it is only the shade. If it is in light, make sure it is just that. Mixed lighting will give you blurry images and shadows that ruin your precious little ones moments.

Limit the kids movement.

Kids are always moving around and it may be hard to take proper photos if they are on the run. You need to limit their movement while letting them be themselves. For example, for much younger kids you can put them in the crib or swing where their movement will not only be limited but predictable. For much older kids you can talk to them to slow down.

Do not show anger or frustration.

Last but not least, do not show anger or frustration if you fail to capture what you expected. Kids will sense your frustration, and if they do not become reluctant about picture taking, they will try to please you by trying fake poses and all those plastic smiles.

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