Swim Team Locker Gear. Digital Photo Board

The back-to-school frenzy is on with locker gear at the top of any teenager’s list. Photos are a huge part of locker gear and this year you can customize a dry-erase locker board with a unique photo.

1-2-3 — Make a WipeOut Photo Dry Erase Board

Making a photo dry erase board for a locker or dorm room is as easy as 1-2-3. Start by visiting lifephoto.com. Click your mouse on the photo of the WipeOut dry erase board and you’re on your way!

  1. Choose a Theme or Design. Pick from 27 designs including a blank option for those who want to get really creative. (I have swimmers in my family, so I chose the Swim design.) Click and drag your selection to the project box.
  2. Find the perfect photo. Most themes need only one photo. Upload one (or more photos) as required for your board. (I uploaded a fun pic of the Appleton West H.S. Swim Team.) Select the photo tab on the left where you’ll see your uploaded photos. Click and drag the photo(s) to the project box and place on your theme. If you feel your photo needs editing, doubleclick on the photo and simple editing tools will appear.
  3. Your done! Just click “add to order” and you’re ready to complete the process. Or you can go back and add another digital photo project to your order.
WipeOut Dry Erase Board from lifephoto.com

Great Size. Great Price. Loads of Fun! Size

A WipeOut dry erase board is 8″x18″ tall — perfect size for a locker or dorm room wall.

Printing: Your photo is printed on metallic paper giving it a liquid-like finish and a subtle reflective quality. Your project receives the same high quality processing as given to commercial photography clients.

Basics: WipeOuts have a sturdy backing with double-sided velcro for easy mounting. Each WipeOut comes with an erasable marker that sticks to the board with velcro.

Timing. Your order gets personalized attention at lifephoto.com and you can expect your project to ship within 5 days of ordering.

Price. Your customized WipeOut is just $26.95. Order now and you can surprise your teen with a WipeOut for the start of school!

Share your back-to-school WipeOut project

I’m delighted with the Swim Team WipeOut I made! You will be, too. Send in a photo of your back-to-school WipeOut and we’ll share your ideas in our readers’ project gallery. E-mail a photo of your WipeOut to tish@lifephoto.com

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