Stay Organized for the Summer Season with Photo Day Planners

With the summer season well upon us, things can get hectic at home. The kids are at home all day, the days are long and strangely, it seems that there just isn’t enough time. To stay on top of things, planning and organizing are key. A daily planner is a great way to get organized without losing your sanity. Plus, when you look at the photo day planners on offer over at Life Photo, you’ll see how easy it is to stay organized and stylish as well.

Here are some ways to get organized for the busy summer season with a photo day planner

Keep Track of Appointments and Schedules

Most importantly, a day planner will allow you to keep track of everything and anything that is important for you and your family. A birthday coming up? You’ll know when to start planning and what needs to be done with just a glance. Play dates and kiddie tea parties? You’ll never over schedule again with a day planner.

Personalized Stylish Planning for the Summers

Really, who wants a dull, staid-looking office planner? Our lives are interesting enough as moms and home managers and our day planners should reflect that. Photo day planners from Life Photo are the perfect answer to making planning your days personalized and stylish. Choose to personalize a premade design or start from scratch and create your own style statement of a daily planner! Summers will never be boring again!

Plus, it is a fantastic way to use all those photos that you’ve taken and reliving happy moments every day.

Forget About Repeating the Same Entries

Maximize productivity and yet never forget a birthday or special event by adding the dates and messages in when you’re personalizing your planner. So, you don’t have to refill everything by hand when you get your daily planner. So, birthdays, anniversaries, monthly doctor’s appointments, school/camp start dates or end dates and any other important date can go straight from your calendar to the day planner all at one go and arrive neatly printed out on your planner when you get it. Cool, isn’t it?

How to Use your Photo Day Planner to Stay Organized

While the list is endless, here are some great ways to get organized and stay productive during the summer season with a photo day planner that is as unique as you and your family:

• Record must-do activities with the kids on a daily basis – crafts, ice cream parties, baking cakes, fun photo shoots and more.

• Schedule Nature walks, biking trips or picnics in the park to capture more summertime memories for next year’s photo planner.

• Pencil in time for seasonal home maintenance activities.

• Plan a fortnightly decluttering and organizing session for every room in the house. By the end of the holidays, you’ll have a much neater, cleaner home.

• Make lists of books to read, movies to watch and places to visit during the summer break.

• Get a head-start on back-to-school season and plan your shopping for school supplies accordingly.

Do you use a day planner? How does it help you to stay productive and organized?

Go ahead and check out the awesome range of photo day planners at the Lifephoto website or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned about specials and promos.

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