Start a Gardening Photo Day Planner in Spring or Fall

Plan your year according to your garden’s schedule.

Fill your day planner with your own garden photos, notes about plantings, trimming time, and blooming seasons. In between, add birthdays, anniversaries, special events, garden show dates, and more.

Garden Photos Keep Your Day Planner Blooming All Year.

Every photo you include in your day planner keeps spring and summer at the forefront every day of the year.

Choose from two sizes. You can include 13 to 53 photos in your personalized day planner.

Garden photos can indeed be a wonderful addition to your daily planner, helping you stay inspired and organized throughout the year. Here’s how you can use garden photos to keep your day planner blooming:

Monthly Garden Themes: Choose a different garden theme for each month of the year. For example, January could feature winter landscapes, while May might showcase vibrant spring blooms. Select a high-quality garden photo that represents each theme and use it as the cover or divider page for that month in your day planner.

Seasonal Inspiration: Incorporate garden photos that reflect the current season. This can serve as a reminder of what to expect in your garden or what tasks need to be done. For example, if it’s February, a picture of early spring flowers can inspire you to start planning and planting.

Weekly Goals and Tasks: Allocate a small section of your weekly planner pages to garden-related goals and tasks. Place a garden photo related to your current gardening goals, whether it’s planting, pruning, or harvesting, to keep you motivated.

Gardening Notes and Tips: Use the margins or blank pages of your day planner for jotting down gardening notes, ideas, and tips. These can be accompanied by relevant garden photos, such as diagrams of planting layouts or images of your garden in different stages.

Seasonal Planting Guides: Create seasonal planting guides within your 2024 planner, featuring garden photos of the plants you plan to grow during each season. This will help you plan your garden layout and keep track of planting dates.

Start your own garden photo day planner right now.

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