Six Ideas for Enjoying Vacation Photos

Keep enjoying your vacation long after the trip – Six ideas for using your photos

vacation photo posters

Don’t leave them on the camera. Don’t put them away in a drawer or deep inside your computer’s hard drive. Upload your vacation photos to and make great photo gifts that will keep the vacation memories alive all year long.

  1. Prints. Of course you can have prints made. Lifephoto gives you three photo paper options — professional photo paper, eco-friendly photo paper and metallic paper. Each gives you a great look — in a wide range of sizes.
  2. Wall Calendars. Choose from two calendar sizes, spiral bound. Put your special dates right on the calendar before printing. Make a photo calendar for everyone with whom you shared your vacation!
  3. Playing Cards. Choose one great photo and make a 52-card deck for your family or friends.custom playing cards
  4. Posters. Photo posters start at just $6.99. You can make one for each child with a photo special to them. Or make a poster of your vacation for framing. Four poster sizes available.
  5. Photo Books. Upload your photos to easily and quickly create a photo memory book of your vacation. Softcover books (20 pages) start at $6.95. Make one for each destination on your trip. Or make one for each child.
  6. Day Planner. Choose from two day planner sizes, containing 13-54 photos. Add notes, reminders or messages on special dates. Make one for yourself, your spouse, your in-laws!

How to Create a Vacation Photo Calendar?

Creating a vacation photo calendar can be a fun and personalized project to commemorate your travels and relive your memories throughout the year. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a vacation photo calendar:

Photos: Select your favorite vacation photos that you want to include in the custom calendar. Make sure they are high-resolution for printing.

Calendar Template: You can create a 2024 calendar from scratch using LifePhoto’s template, or you can use online services that offer customizable calendar templates.

Custom Photo Editing You may want to edit and enhance your photos before adding them to the 2024 calendar. You can contact the LifePhoto team to customize your photos.

Choose a calendar format: Decide whether you want a wall calendar, desk calendar, or a digital calendar from the LifePhoto templates. The format will influence the size and layout of your 2024 calendar.

Customize Each Month: Consider adding relevant holidays or special dates to your calendar. You can also add different memorable photos to make the calendar.

Creating a vacation photo calendar can be a wonderful way to celebrate your travels and add a personal touch to your living space or workspace.

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