Save Random Photos Now — Perfect for a Photo Calendar

Why Plan Next Year’s Photo Calendar Now?

Because you’ll forget about the really fun photos if you don’t save them now! True, isn’t it?

homemade doughnuts

Seems too early to start putting photos together for a 2024 photo calendar or day planner, doesn’t it? Well, I would have thought so until I realized that some of the most unique photos will long be forgotten by then. So I’ll be on the lookout for great photo memories that I want to have on my next calendar or day planner — and I’ll start a 2011 Calendar Photo Folder on on which to save them.

Homemade Doughnuts in March

homemade doughnuts raising on the stove
homemade doughnuts ready to eat

Making homemade doughnuts is a once-every-decade event — if that often. But it’s memorable so I want to make it my March 2011 photo — reminding me of the day I put off everything else to exercise a kitchen tradition handed down from my grandmother to my mother — from me to my children. Oh yes, my husband, some friends and several neighbors all enjoyed these tasty treats — as you have to eat them while they’re warm!

What March photo would you upload for next year’s photo calendar or day planner?

(While I have several doughnut recipes handed down from my mother, I used Ree Drummond’s recipe for this batch — mostly because you can make the dough a day ahead, let it rise in the refrigerator overnight and finish the process the next day. Thanks, Ree. If you don’t know Ree, check out

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