Romantic Photo Book Asks “Will You Marry Me”

A Personal Photo Book Really Says “I Love You”

Planning to ask her to marry you on Valentine’s Day? Here’s a terrific idea that shows your love in photos and personal messages as photo captions.

Fast. Easy. Inexpensive. Incredibly Thoughtful.

Simply upload your favorite photos of her that recall all the great times you have  shared together. Add some photos of both of you having fun.

Photo Ideas and a Link to the Full Photo Book:

engagement ring
  • Front Cover. A romantic book title: “All the reasons I love you” or “Why you are my Valentine” or “Will you be my Valentine?”
  • Chronological Order. Begin your book with photos from the earliest days of your relationship, ending with the most recent photos.
  • Random Order. Put fun photos in any order you’d like.
  • Include Pets. If her dog or cat are important in her life, be sure to include some pet photos — ideally with her in the picture, too.
  • Add Clip Art. Link here to find ideas for fun clip art drawings you can use.
  • Friends or No Friends in the Pix. It’s up to you, but focusing only on photos of her (and some with both of you) are the most romantic for this kind of book. Focus on your future bride —  and all the moments that helped you fall in love with her.
  • You and Your Love Together. Put these pix toward the end of the book as you lead up to the big proposal.
  • Love Notes — Love Letters. Here’s your chance to be incredibly romantic — write her a love note(s) for one or more of the pages.
  • End with the Marriage Proposal. As you wrap up the pages of the book, make the last inside page the one on which you ask the big question.
  • Back Cover. End with your personal expression of love.

View this Valentine Marriage Proposal Photo Book

Take a look at the full 20-page Valentine marriage proposal book that I created. Use the ideas to make your own special book and surprise her on Valentine’s Day.

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