Putting Love and Thoughtful Planning into a Memory Book for Mother’s Day

Pick One Topic Mom Loves and Build a Photo Memory Book Around It

Mother's Day Photo Book

There’s no doubt, Mom is special. You want to give her something special, too. A photo memory book about something she loves would be perfect — and very personal. Easy to do and it can be inexpensive, too. But all the love you put into it will make it her most memorable gift this Mother’s Day. Here are tips, ideas and samples of books others have made.

Choose Mom’s Favorite Topic

What is she passionate about? Then start digging up photos and other scannable items from her and other family members that you can include in her topical memory book. Think about some of mom’s favorite things to do, to play with, to visit, to see:

  • Flower gardening — maybe it’s roses she loves or all flowers in general
  • Vegetable gardening — does she raise prize tomatoes?
  • Her dogs or cats. Is she a dog breeder — maybe a book about all her prize-winning pups.
  • Grandchildren
  • Great-grandchildren
  • Travel — favorite places she’s visited
  • Art. Does she paint or sculpt? Make her a brag book of her art.
  • Homemade Goodies. Does she take pride in her cooking or baking — and making homemade treats for family and friends?
  • Parties. If she’s a great party girl, recap some of her best parties in a photo book.
  • Quilting or Embroidery. Sewing or knitting. Include photos of her many creative accomplishments — and the people she gave them to.
  • Boating, Camping, a Lake Cottage. If an outdoor activity is part of her life, recap the special moments, the boats she’s owned or the family cottage in photos.

How to Be Creative with a Photo Book

Everyone has ideas — Lifephoto gives you many ways to expand those ideas into a delightful Student planner.

  • Select one or more beautiful page backgrounds. Change the background for every page if you like.
  • Use one of your own photos as a “faded” background behind your photos and text.
  • Add captions and text. Create a story that you tell in your book, taking your Mom from one photo to the next with your story.
  • Scan memorabilia and include it in your book. Seed packets (if she’s a gardener), airline tickets, theatre playbills, the deed to the cottage, invitations to parties she’s given. Think about other items you can access that relate to the story you want to tell.
  • Vary the number of photos on a page. Lifephoto gives you numerous page layout options. Photo books start with 20 pages and can hold up to 30-40 photos depending on the layout you select. Some pages may have one photo; others may have grouping of 2 or more photos. It’s up to you.

Got a Great Topical Book Idea for Mother’s Day?

Why not share it with our readers. We’d love to see your creativity and encourage others to try their hand at it as well. E-mail your ideas or book previewer to tish@simplephotogifts.com

Photo Book Ideas and Real Samples You Can View:

Class Memory Book: Not Mother’s Day, but plenty of great ideas for using color and layout and text to bring variety to your book. Here’s the full book previewer.

Valentine Book for Deployed Military Husband/Dad: Check out the backgrounds, the scanned graphics and the fun put on the pages of this book. Here’s the full book previewer.

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