Put Your Photo Story Together.

The Party’s Over. Put Your Photo Story Together.

You have a number of ways in which to tell your Halloween Party story with your photos.

  • Get Digital Prints Made. That’s what most people might do. That’s okay, but it really doesn’t “tell” a good photo story. But if you go this route, consider getting eco friendly prints made — they’re inexpensive and also provide support to the Feed The Children fund.
  • Metallic Digital Prints. Take your photos one step further with these ultra-cool metallic prints. Metallic paper enhances colorful or high-contrast pictures, turning them into striking prints. Their subtle reflective quality makes a picture “pop” with an almost 3-D look.  If yo have some cool costume shots or bonfire shots, this might be the way to go. A 4″x6″ is just $.49.
  • Personalized Photo Posters are Cool and Inexpensive. Just $2.75 for a 12″x18″ photo poster. Nice idea to give to select guests (or the host/hostess). You don’t have to give everyone a full set of prints for them to have a great photo memory of the party.
  • Accordion (8-sided) Photo Story Card. This is quite a versatile photo card — use it as a greeting card or use it to tell your party story with photos and text. These cards also come with envelopes. Just $1.50 each, you could give one to every guest at the party!
  • Mini Photo Book. This may be the very  best way to capture all the great moments of the party. You can upload your best photos, add text and create a 20-page “mini” photo book for just $6.95. Keep one for yourself, give one to the hosts and e-mail a “turning-page” book preview to everyone else. They can open the book and view it page by page. If they love it, they can order it online themselves. No cost to you to e-mail this preview to them! The finished book is 6″x4″. Of course, you can choose a larger page size.
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