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Planning ahead is the secret to successful prom dresses and great photos!

Months ahead of prom, moms and daughters are buzzing around town searching for the perfect prom dress. May I suggest you take a digital camera and snap some pictures along the way?

Plan Your Prom Photos to Begin in the Dress Shop

Prom gowns for prom photos and photo books

Taking pictures along every step of the prom preparation process can be valuable when you want to create a memory book of your big night. Here are some photo ideas to keep in mind:

Dress Photos. Snap a picture of yourself in every dress you try on. Two benefits: 1) you can remember more details from the photos as you shop at other stores; and 2) you can add these pix to the pre-prom preparation section of your prom memory book.

Shoe Shopping. Ditto for shoes. Snap a photo of every pair of shoes you try on. You might want to make a collage of shoe photos for your prom photo book to recall how many you actually tried on!

Hair Styling. Are you going to have some trial hair appointments to see yourself in different hair styles? Another photo opp! Photos will help you select the one you prefer and will bring back fun memories later.

Pre-Prom, Prom and Post-Prom Photo Memories

Upload all your digital photos to, store them there, organize them and then make a photo book that captures every moment of your prom experience. You can even scan, upload and include a program, menu or other mementos from the event.

Prom Dress Photos from and

Photo Memory Books — Easy to Make, Inexpensive and Great on Facebook, Twitter

While prom can be a budget-buster, a photo memory book is not. With 7 sizes, softcover and hardcover available, you can choose the price range and style you want. Inexpensive enough to give one to your date or other friends with whom you shared the evening. For example, a 6″x4″ softcover 20-page book is just $6.95. Softcover 20-page books that are 8″x8″ or 9″x6″ are just $12.95. (A 20-page book can hold as many as 40-50 photos.)

FREE Facebook, Twitter and E-Mail Photo Book Sharing

The prom photo book you create on can be easily shared on Facebook or Twitter, on a blog post or Web site. And you can e-mail the link to your book as well. All at no cost to you!

Keep your digital camera handy and start snapping prom pix!

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