Picture Taking Tips for Winter Weather

snow picture

Taking pictures in a winter wonderland comes with its own unique rules. The snow on the ground will brighten everything in the frame except for possibly your subject. If you are used to using the auto setting on your camera, your pictures will likely come out gray and dark. Here are some simple tips to making sure you get bright and colorful pictures in snowy conditions:

  • Take shots early or late in the day. You don’t want the sun to be overwhelming or too bright. The lights will be softer in the early morning or late afternoon. If it snowed overnight, an early morning shot will also give you a chance to shoot untouched snow.
  • If your camera allows you to change your exposure compensation, set the control to +1. This will overexpose the setting by 1 stop, allowing twice as much light into the photo.snowboarding
  • To sort of trick your camera, begin by focusing your camera on a darker object and press down halfway. Without lifting your finger, reposition your camera to get the shot you want and press down the rest of the way. Do this in order to meter the dark object instead of the snow.
  • If you’re looking to capture the kids sledding down a hill or maybe some fellow snowboarders while on vacation, use your camera’s “action” mode. If you’re trying to take still shots of frost on tree branches or snow on a pine cone, move in very close and use your camera’s “macro/close up” setting.
  • Be sure to capture several shots, especially if you’re using a digital camera and have the extra room. Snowy conditions can be very tricky. You may also consider a tripod if you’re solely looking for landscape shots.
  • This lighting will create unique views to your shots, so try to get shots of things noticeably colorful. This will add great life to your photo with a mostly white background.

Most people may be looking to stay indoors until spring comes, but if you’re willing to bare the cold temperatures, you could capture some really amazing pictures!

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