Photos on the Fridge!

When it comes to cards, the trend is to send e-cards now. I get e-cards throughout the year for my birthday, invites and Christmas usually. They quickly move down my email list the same day until they are off the page and out of mind. On the other hand, when I receive a photo card in the mail I open it and pay attention to the photos. If it is a good photo it goes on the fridge. If it is a really good photo then it goes on the fireplace mantel. I would guess that some photos survive on the fridge or fireplace mantel for weeks at a time or longer!

Lifephoto offers a variety of photo cards to match your style. My personal favorite are the accordion party invites. There are also folded announcements, note cards & metallic invitations to name a few. Your photo card can be printed in many sizes & different invitation designs and customized with the fabulous Lifephoto online card designer tools.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered then print high quality photo cards. Reserve your place on the fireplace mantel with the help of Lifephoto!

By Isabelle Thornton

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