Photographing Wildlife with a Scouting Camera — in Your Backyard

Taking Photos of Wild Game and Other Woodland Critters Outside Your Window

Raccoon on the digital game scouting camera

We live on a pond with a marshy woodland shore right out our window. I was curious as to who came to visit us when we weren’t looking. Went to Bass Pro and bought a stealth camera — ideal for the sneaky photography I wanted to do — kind of like a “nanny cam” for the outdoors.  For under $100, it’s proving to be a fun  purchase.

Occasionally we see critters fishing, diving and swimming. Birds, ducks, geese, herons, raccoons, coyotes, woodchucks, turtles and who-knows-what after dark. I’ve captured some daytime photos out my window, but was curious about who showed up at dusk, at night and when we’re not looking out during the day. So I purchased a Wildgame Digital Game Scouting Camera. Here are the first pix we’ve taken off of it:

Daytime pond view from scouting camera
This photo offers the camera’s perspective during the day.

S4 Digital Game Scouting Camera by Wildgame Innovations

It’s not a pretty camera, that’s for sure. But it’s easy to mount, is made for the outdoors and takes pretty decent photos. This outdoor spy cam has some great features for the price:

  • 4.0 megapixels
  • Strobe flash
  • Infrared sensor detects motion and heat up to 30 feet
  • 16 mb memory + accommodates a memory card
  • Takes .jpeg stills and AVI digital video clips
  • Uses USB and SD card
  • Mounts easily with accompanying bungee cords
  • Photos are marked with date and time
  • Lots of settings available
Another raccoon on my wildlife spy cam

Now this is a low-end scouting camera, but it offers all the features I need to get  photos by the pond. Hunters set these up to see where and when the deer or other game come to feeders or favorite woodland spots. More advanced camera models are available at higher prices — it’s all about what you really want out of it. This one works for me.

As I get interesting critter photos, I’ll post them for you to see — and I’ll compile an online photo album that I’ll share on Facebook and Twitter.

Do You Have an Outdoor Camera Set Up?

E-mail me your critter photos and I’ll post them on this blog to share with other readers. Send them to

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