Photo Crafts: What is a Photo Planner?

How do you know if you’re a planner addict?

Do you hoard everything from stickers to washi tape to pretty post-it notes specially ordered from foreign countries? Do you unconsciously plan themes for the week, associate months with specific color schemes, and coordinate your whole life around them? Most importantly, do you fail to function without a planner in your hands?

If you answered “yes” to the above, it might be time to take your planner addiction to the next level with custom photo crafts! What could be more personal than a planner filled with your favorite pictures? The best photo keeper planner will function as part life planner, part scrapbook, and will provide you with a complete photo story, documenting your life for years to come!

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to create the cutest custom photo planner, from set-up to customization! You’ll learn how to incorporate photos into your monthly layouts, decorate your spreads with your favorite crafting supplies, and more. Keep reading to pick up some great photo craft ideas that will bring your completely custom vision to life!

What Is a Photo Planner?

In the age of social media and smartphones, we’re all taking photos all day, every day. If you’re on Facebook, you’re greeted with years upon years of “Facebook memories” every day, including amazing photo memories from your past. How many incredible photos are lingering out there in the cloud that you never get to look at?

What if you could combine the joy of daily Facebook memories with the pleasure of planner culture? With pictures from every major birthday, holiday, and celebration, we’re willing to bet you have an amazing photo memory to pair with each month (or even each day) of the year. In essence, a photo planner allows you to incorporate your favorite pictures directly into the spread of your planner!

You can go about creating a photo planner in a few ways. Foremost, you can put your paper crafting and scrapbooking skills to the test and customize your pre-existing planner. Second, you can customize a photo planner online and use your favorite types of crafts supplies to jazz it up!

Ways to Incorporate Photos Into a Spread

If you’ve never incorporated photos into your planning before, you might be wondering the best way to go about it. We have a few ideas that can make it simple to decorate your daily, weekly, or monthly spreads with memories from that time of year.

Print Photos on Label Paper

If you have a home printer, you can create your own custom photo stickers to add to your planner spreads! You’ll want to purchase printable label paper to use as a base. You can find sheets of 8.5 x 11 label paper at most office supply stores or online, and each sheet can fit quite a few small photos.

Load the label paper into your home printer in place of regular paper. Make sure to print on the non-sticky side. When it’s done, cut out your photos, peel off the backs, and stick them where you’d like them!

One idea is to use these custom photo stickers to mark birthdays in your planner. How cute would it be to turn to a date and see a picture of the birthday boy or girl smiling up at you from the page?

If you’re decorating a two-page monthly spread, you will want to know the approximate measurement of each box on the calendar. That way you can ensure that your photo will fit perfectly in the box. Either crop the photo to be a perfect fit or cut it down after printing.

Once you have your photos where you want them, you can get to decorating! You can denote birthdays by cutting down some washi tape or scrapbook paper into tiny triangles. Glue or stick them onto the birthday person’s head to create a fun little party hat that matches your monthly theme!

If you’re a little more computer savvy, you can do a lot more than add party hats! Use photo editing software before you print to add text, reminders, filters, and more. You’ll have a set of fully customized photo stickers that are ready to stick directly on the page!

Use Your Scrapbooking Skills

If you have some experience with paper crafting then you probably have quite a few skills that will come in handy! You can either print your photos at home or have them printed professionally at a local photo lab. From there, incorporate your favorite scrapbooking tools and techniques, using your planner spread as your base.

Some of our favorite tools to use for planner crafts include:

  • Paper trimmers
  • Shaped die-cut punches
  • Fancy-edged scissors
  • Sticky photo dots
  • Corner punches
  • Double stick tape
  • Hole punchers

All of these tools can help you add cute touches to your printed photos. Shaped punches can help you incorporate photos into monthly or weekly themes, such as hearts for Valentine’s Day. The right adhesive will ensure that your planner functions as a photo keeper for years to come.

Some of our favorite craft materials to use to decorate spreads include:

  • Washi Tape
  • Skinny Washi Tape
  • Photo stickers
  • Scrapbook paper (for matting)
  • Photo embellishments
  • Origami paper

You can use all these supplies to add borders, frames, or cute details to the photos in your spreads. You can do a lot with the empty boxes at the beginning and end of a monthly spread. All negative space on a daily or weekly spread is fair game for incorporating photos and embellishments!

Invest in A Polaroid and Printer

While original Polaroid cameras may have gone out of style, mini Polaroid-style cameras are as popular as ever! You can even find Polaroid-style printers that can transform your Smartphone pics into miniature, vintage-style photos that you can hold in your hands!

The best part is that these tiny pictures are often just the right size to fit in your planner spreads! The only downsides to this method are the initial investment (Polaroid film isn’t cheap) and the bulk that the little photos can add when used on multiple spreads. Even so, they are a fun way to incorporate photos if you plan to decorate your planner as you go!

Start With a Photo Planner

The alternative to adding photos to an existing planner is to design a new photo planner online. You won’t need to do any special printing, measuring, or gluing to get the placement perfect. Best of all, Life Photo prints your pictures directly into the planner, so they don’t add any bulk at all, leaving plenty of room for your favorite embellishments!

Designing a photo planner online will also save you time. You can preselect all of the photos for the entire year. It’s possible to choose from a variety of styles, with a full-color photo on every single spread!

You don’t need to compromise, either. If you choose a daily planner, you can fill it with 365 of your favorite photo memories – one for every single day of the year!

It would be so much fun to create a “One year ago today” photo story and watch as your children grow up! If you create a new photo planner every year, you can use them as scrapbooks. Each planner is one part photo album, one part life-saving organizational tool!

Ways to Craft With Photo Planners

When your planner comes pre-printed with the photos in place, there are still many crafty elements to include when you sit down to plan for the week! The colors in the photos can help you choose each spread’s palette so there is always a sense of order and cohesion.

Nearly everything you can do when you customize an existing planner is possible when you dress up your photo planner!

A few of our favorite ways to craft include:

  • Adding textured frames with washi tape
  • Decorating with planner stickers
  • Creating custom captions with our favorite pens
  • Embellishing with rubber stamps
  • Layering with vellum overlays
  • Print and attach your favorite quotes

When it comes to decorating your photo spreads, the sky is the limit! Any tools and materials you’d use on your life planner will work perfectly on your Life Photo planner! If you think you’re addicted to planning now, just wait until your spreads come to life with your favorite memories!

The Perfect Photo Crafts for Planner Addicts

Once you begin using a life planner, it’s almost impossible to go back to life without it! The urge to find new ways to customize your most prized possession is almost impossible to resist! With photo crafts for your weekly or monthly planner, you’ll be able to scratch the itch for more personalization without sacrificing organization!

Creating a custom photo planner is now even easier with Life Photo. Our photo planners are eco-friendly, printed on premium paper, and can hold up to 365 of your favorite photos! Best of all, there is plenty of room on each spread for all of your best craft ideas!

Visit our site to start building your perfect planner today!

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