Personalized Photo Baby Day Planner: Journal Baby’s First Year in Photographs

Babies grow up. Fast.

Yes, that is right. Before you know it, your little bundle of joy will be crawling, walking, clambering, running, climbing and flying out of your arms.

So, before that happens, and you get left with a heart-filled with fond memories, capture the joy, the melting moments, the sweetness that baby’s first year is filled with.

Here’s how to create a special and sweet photo day planner that showcases all of your little one’s sweetness:

 Click a Photo Every Month and Store It in a Dedicated Folder

Start by clicking candid shots of baby every month. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Click every day moments- feeding, baths, play, naptime, snuggling, cuddling.

Also, capture the tininess of your little one. Hands, fingers, toes, feet.

Capturing them up, close and personal will help you remember how small and perfect your baby was.

Store these photos in a folder, titled, Baby Day Planner and make sure you include the month in the photo file name.

So, you can  have “{name of month}{year}{photo detail}”as  a file name and so on. For instance, a photo of baby eating her first ice cream can be “January 2012 first icecream”.

 Add Personalized Notes About a Month’s Milestones and Special Events

In a Word document or online journal,  write down that month’s milestones and special events. Did baby start walking, crawling, or turning over? Note it down. Did you go for a holiday that month?  Write it down. Was baby unwell that month? Jot it down.

You can store that document in the same folder as your photos.

 Add In Special Dates to Remember

Next, add in special dates to remember – first holiday, first meal, first thumb sucking, first everything. Yes, it is baby and your first year together so make it count.

These are the little moments that you’ll want to recall and remember when baby’s all grown up.

  Print it Out and Relive Baby’s First Year, Whenever

Finally, upload your photos into Lifephoto, choose a background, add in the notes and organize the photos and get ready to have baby’s first year all personalized and in full color photos. Best part, you can use the personalized planner to capture baby’s 2nd year as well!

 Have you created a day planner for your baby? Join the Lifephoto community on Facebook or Twitter and share how would YOU like to capture baby’s first year in photos?

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