No Holiday Headaches — Order Photo Gifts Now.

Gift-giving budget really tight this year?

Digital photos gifts are easy and inexpensive.

Go digital — spend less while giving more personal and meaningful gifts this year. Travel Memories. Did you take a trip or vacation with other family members? Put together a simple photo recap of the fun moments from your trip.

Grandparent Brag Books. This could be a Christmas-themed book or a recap of the whole year in photos that include birthday moments, children’s parties, school pix, baby’s first steps, anniversary parties.

Family Reunion Photo Gifts. Did you have a family reunion this year? Gather all the pictures that everyone took and create a photo gift for each member of  family. Use both digital photos and scanned traditonal photos.

Family Fun Gift. Got a group photo  from a gathering of friends or family?

Grandma’s Recipe Book. Is Grandma a great cook? How about gathering some of the family’s favorite recipes and incorporating them into a photo cookbook?

  • Photo Recipe Book. 6″x4″ through 12″x12″. Hardcover or softcover. Can include captions for pictures and text area for recipes. Imagine putting photos of family gatherings at Grandma’s house, photos of her special dishes and incorporating other family photo memorabilia into a family keepsake.
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