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Mother's Day Planner Gift
Photo Cover Planner

Some of my favorite and most memorable gifts are hand drawn pictures from my kids. We have a tradition that every Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the kids prepare their best picture, sign it and date it. We have a great time each year as we look back with the kids and how their pictures progress.

Canvas prints are one of my favorite photo gifting ideas for several reasons. They are perfect for any room in your house. With the Lifephoto canvas print tool you can upload your favorite picture and turn it into beautiful art. There are a selection of canvas print designs you can choose from; Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Baby Birthday designs. Canvas prints wrap around a sturdy thick frame, which set the canvas print away from the wall and are super easy to hang.

Check out the canvas print photo gifts from Lifephoto here.

Question: What do you want for Mother’s Day this year?

By Isabelle Thornton

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