Monthly Photo Calendars that Inspire!

I have had a Thomas Kinkaid calendar hanging in my kitchen this past year. I looked at it every day in passing several times throughout the day. I believe it is very important to have pictures that inspire you in your house and kitchen. I have an iPhone, calendar app and appointment reminders but my wall calendar is full of my scribbled appointments and events that I can see in a full month view. It is also personal to me.

My husband knows that if he wants me to remember something for sure then it needs to go on the calendar. Enter Lifephoto Monthly Calendars:


Lifephoto allows you to upload custom pics for each month and customize the background. You can add special notes, messages and birthdays. The online interface is easy to use and the calendar professionally printed for you.

Inspire your home, your kitchen or office with your customized Lifephoto Monthly Calendar. Get started by clicking here.

By Isabelle Thornton

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