Metallic Photo Prints from Lifephoto in All Sizes — even 20″x30″

Capture that great photo on metallic photo paper for a spectacular framed print

Metallic photo paper has a subtle reflective surface that makes metal surfaces and bold colors in your pictures really come alive. Your photo prints will have the utmost quality and sharpness. Metallic images have a subtle reflective quality that defines a picture’s elements and makes it pop. Saturated colors give metallic images an almost 3-D look.

Lifephoto metallic photo print on metallic photo paper

Seven Metallic Photo Print Sizes from Lifephoto

Do you need wallet size photos? Or something larger for framing? Lifephoto offers seven sizes on metallic photo paper. Print a special photo on metallic photo paper, frame it and give as a gift.  The luminescence of a print on metallic photo paper is outstanding! Check out the beauty of using metallic photo paper for wedding notes, thank you cards or other special cards you’d like to send.

Wallet (2.5 * 3.5) Sheet of 8$2.45
4 * 6$0.49
5 * 7$1.29
8 * 10$2.49
11 * 14$8.75
16 * 20$19.95
20 * 30$28.95
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