Making chores for kids fun?

Is it possible to make chores fun? As a kid I don’t ever remember this being the case. Here are a couple ideas on how to get chores done and have a little fun in the process:

Chore problem #1 – Assigned chores get only partially done. How many times have you seen the room only partially clean or the dishes only partially put away?

Potential Solution – Assign an inspector. With this assignment your child will feel responsibility for the chore. If the child is inspecting for a sibling they are notorious for making sure they don’t get off easy 😉

Chore problem #2 – Kids get distracted and forget to complete the tasks.

Potential Solution – Write down the list. With a small list in hand that the child can check off they can feel a sense of accomplishment. This makes it really hard to forget an item and makes them a lot less likely to get distracted.

Chore problem #3 – Kids just get bored.

Potential Solution – Personalize the task. When you can associate a task with their name or picture there is more motivation to complete it and complete it well.

The Life Photo Chore Chart were designed with kids chores in mind:

–          Customize the chore chart with fun pictures or pictures of your child

–          Use the photo chore chart for weekly / daily chores and responsibilities

–          Use the board to write on, check off lists and fun for kids

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By Isabelle Thornton

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