Make Photo Books Without Registering

Fast. Easy. No Hassle Photo Books.

If you hate the registration process when you visit online sites, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the site.

Lifephoto is a online digital photo printing store and photo sharing site that has taken its photo book-building software to new levels of ease and simplicity for its customers. That includes giving customers the option of registering (or not) before beginning to upload photos and build a photo book or other photo gift.

If you choose not to register, you can immediately upload your photos and begin making your photo book, photo card, poster, banner, dry erase board, guest registry or other photo gift item. You will only be asked for your information at check out.

Advantages of Registering on Lifephoto

1) Your photos will be saved in your own folders on the site. That means you can work on your photo project, save it and complete it another time.

2) You can store an unlimited number of photos in folders on the site. Arrange them as you wish.

3) You can easily reorder a photo item at any time.

4) Your order form will be pre-filled the next time you order.

5) Receive notifications of special offers for Lifephoto.

The Choice Is Yours

Register or not — you decide. But be sure to check out all the great photo gift ideas on

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