Make a Professional Artist’s Portfolio: Photo Sample Book

Hardcover Sample Book You Can E-Mail to Clients

Sculptors. Watercolor Artists. Oil Painters. Crafters.

Quilters. Clothing or Jewelry Designers.

Tom Eddington Artist Photo Book

Whatever your art specialty, you can showcase your finest work in an easy-to-make photo sample book — a book you can print, easily e-mail, post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.

A Professional Portfolio

No need to slip original art or photos of your gallery pieces into plastic sleeves for a ring binder or portfolio case. For this book, award-winning wood sculptor, Thomas Eddington, had a professional photographer take studio photos of his sculptures. He uploaded them to Lifephoto and created a one-of-a-kind portfolio to share with his clients through several vehicles:

  • Hardcover, Lay-flat Photo Book. Elegant with rich, substantial pages. Moire satin cloth liner on the inside of each cover. Parchment end sheets. He added the title of each piece, his own bio and contact page and an intro page. Tom had the option of choosing individual layouts, background colors and designs for each page.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Other Social Media Sites. Tom can post a link to a full previewer of his book on any social media site. This is a free Lifephoto exclusive feature that let’s Tom share his complete book online in a “turning-page” format.
  • E-Mail. The same link used for social media sites can also be e-mailed to prospective art patrons. Have you acquired an e-mail list of potential clients from gallery shows or art fairs? You can e-mail your complete portfolio to everyone on the list — keep them engaged in your work.

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Discover how easy it is to upload your photos, arrange them, add text and captions, change the layout to suit the piece of artwork being featured and what to write on your bio/contact page.

Get ideas on how to use the page layouts, design options and text options to create a professional portfolio that your art patrons will appreciate.

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