How to Take Family Photos That Rock: Photography Tips for Amazing Group Portraits

Do you have a big family gathering coming up? A birthday? A reunion? A wedding? Wondering how to take the best kind of family photos. You know, the ones where everyone looks radiantly happy and not uncomfortable as if in a dentist’s chair.

Good news is that you can take great family portraits easily and happily. Here are some photography tips from pros who’ve been there and done that:

Take Amazing Family Portraits: Some Do’s and Don’ts by Digital Photography School

This post outlines Chas’s 5 Do’s Don’ts for taking awesome group portraits of the family. From making the members wear coordinated clothing to ensuring that they stand close to each other to NOT letting the subjects tilt their heads into each other, you’ll learn all of this and more in this amazing post.

Happier Family Photos from HP 

The folks at HP know a thing or two about taking the right kind of pictures. This post offers you tips from creating a relaxed atmosphere to trying extreme angles for a dramatic effect. Plus, it also offers tips on creating family photo traditions. Fun!

Family Photos You’d Love 

This holiday-themed post from Freaky Perfect is a lovely look at the blogger’s own photo shoot and how she learned to enjoy family photos thanks to their photographer. And yes, Cara Beth (the photographer) also shares how family photography should be candid and casual. Yep, we love that!

 More Photography Tips

Wanting to know more about taking the best kind of photographs for different occasions? Here are some goodies from our archives to inspire and encourage you.

How do YOU take happy family photos?

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