How to Take Better Photos of Wildflowers

8 Tips for Taking Great Digital Photos of Wildflowers

If you love snapping nature photos, especially of beautiful and unusual wildflowers, you’ll pick up a few tips from this post. Written by a Photo Naturalist, the post is from the Digital Photography School site — and I’d recommend it. And, of course, the photos are fabulous! And don’t forget, you can find great ways to print and share those wildflower photos you take when you upload them to

8 Tips for Photographing Wildflowers

In this post, Steve Berardi from PhotoNaturalist discusses eight tips for photographing wildflowers.

To get the softly diffused light in this photo, I waited for an overcast sky. (Photo by Steve Berardi)

With spring on the horizon in some parts of the world, you may be thinking about photographing some beautiful wildflowers soon. So, here are 8 tips to get you started:

1. Use a tripod

Using a tripod will help you get sharper photos by ensuring your camera doesn?t move. But, the tripod helps in another way too: it forces you to be more careful about your composition.

When you handhold your camera, there?s a tendency to just snap away, but when you add the tripod, you?ll spend more time thinking about your composition and ensuring your camera is in a very precise position.

2. Wait for an overcast or cloudy day

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