How to Pop the Big Valentine Question with a Photo

Valentine Question: Will You Marry Me?

Looking for a special way to ask your sweetheart the big question on Valentine’s Day?  Give her (or him) a custom photo day planner that starts with your marriage proposal printed on February 14.

Begin your photo day planner with February 2010

Lifephoto gives you easy options for making a very special day planner:

  • Start with any month of the year
  • Choose from two sizes: 4.4″ x 6″ or 8″ x 11″
  • Include 13, 27 or 54 photo pages
  • Add personal messages or reminders on any dates you wish.
  • Choose from your favourite images including Valentine’s Day. You decide which pages will have background images and how opaque they will be. Or use your own photo as a background.
  • Several photo layouts are available, with and without text areas.
  • Choose text size, font style and color.
  • Let the Lifephoto system automatically place your photos or you can place them yourself.
  • Then preview your day planner. If you want to make changes, you can easily do so in the preview mode.

Making a personalized photo day planner is fast and easy. Surprise your sweetheart with a very special message on February 14!

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