How to Photograph Artwork–Tips from a Pro

Document Your Artwork — Photo Tips from Lori McNee

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In past posts, I showed you how to create an artist’s portfolio — a photo book displaying your art. A book that can be printed, e-mailed or posted to a Web site, blog, Facebook or Twitter. In those posts, artist Tom Eddington had his fine wood sculptures professionally photographed and the finished book is spectacular. In this post, artist and blogger Lori McNee explains how to photograph your own artwork to get optimal results for a professional-looking representation of your work.

How to Photograph Your Artwork the Easy Way! Part 1

lifephoto.comNot all artists are natural-born photographers. In fact, photography can seem really technical and overwhelming for many of us. Nevertheless, every serious artist should be documenting his or her artwork. Getting good photos of your paintings can mean the difference of selling or not selling your art or finding the right gallery! In this two part series, I will share my simple tips on to ’how to photograph your artwork the easy way’…

In the past, I paid thousands of dollars a year for professional slides of my paintings. Now with the ease of digital cameras, I am able to document my artwork myself and save money.  But before you get started taking pictures, there are a few basic things you should know about the camera, equipment and lighting.



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