How to Make a Photo Memory Book of Your Alaskan Cruise

Start plannng your cruise photo book before your trip

Seattle Skyline

Your cruise is booked. Your digital camera is packed (along with extra batteries). And you’re ready to board the ship. Should you give any thought to the photos you’ll take or just snap away when you arrive at your first port?

My advice is to give some thought to what you want to do with your photos after the cruise. If you would like to create a personal travel memory book,then you should put some thought into what kinds of photos you’d like in it — before you begin your trip.

I’ll be blogging live from my own Alaskan cruise on the Celebrity Infinity — roundtrip from Seattle. Along the way, I’ll post my photos as I gradually build a collection of photos for my own Alaskan photo book.

Follow my photo journey, beginning in Seattle before the cruise, and gather ideas for taking the kinds of photos that will give you fond recollections of your wonderful trips.

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