Help for Family Photo PackRats — Why are you saving them?

Are you a family photo pack rat?

  • Do you take tons of family photos — capturing cute moments, special occasions, vacation trips, school activities and the kids’ dance recitals or soccer games?
  • Are most of those photos still on your camera?
  • Have you put them on your computer, photo CDs or DVDs?
  • Do you get them printed, share a few and then stash the rest in a drawer or box?

Ask yourself:

  1. Why are you saving them?
  2. Who will ever look at them again?
  3. Did you really want to preserve those photo moments for your family?

Take Action:

Don’t let another year of photos slip into obscurity. Take action now to start enjoying the memories you captured in photos.

Easy and Quick — Upload all your digital photos to

Getting your photos on Lifephoto’s photo sharing site means you can start doing something with those photos — for yourself, your family and your friends. Why Lifephoto?

  • offers unlimited free online storage of all your photos in your own free account.
  • You can easily organize your photos there into folders by categories you choose.
  • Easily order digital prints or other photo items right from your online folder.
  • Make a quick photo book with your pictures –Lifephoto lets you share the book — at no cost. E-mail a turning-page book preview to family and friends.
  • You can order a 20-page photo book for as little as $6.95.
  • Your family and friends can choose whether or not they want to order after they receive your book preview. At that point, they can even add their own photos to the book.
  • Only have prints? Get them scanned and then upload to your folder.
  • Lifephoto is a high quality photo processing lab that offers great customer service and satisfaction.
  • Other photo gifts you can make on Lifephoto include photo day planners, calendars, memory books, photo greeting cards, personal posters, canvas prints, photo playing cards, photo notebooks and much more.

Christmas is Coming. Do Something with Your Photos!

You still have plenty of time to upload your photos and create some very memorable photo gifts. Recapture the fun of a vacation. Surprise grandparents with a year of photo memories of your children. Create a family history book for yourself or your family. Get your memories out of boxes and photo packets — put them online and start enjoying those moments all over again.

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