Happy Homework Hour: Tips to Make School Work Easy and Fun

Most school-going kids will count homework amongst their least favorite activities. You can’t blame them really, can you? After all, spending time working sums and writing essays is not really a child’s idea of fun.

However, you can brighten up homework hour with some simple and easy ideas.

Banish Homework Hunger Pangs

Doing homework nearly always makes kids hungry. So, make sure that you have something yummy and healthy on hand to chase away those hunger pangs. Oatmeal cookies, fudge brownies, sandwiches, smoothies, popcorn, trail mix are just some of the snack options that you can keep ready when the kids sit down to tackle their school work.

A Fully Stocked Homework Zone

Hunting for craft paper or a spare notebook not only takes time away from doing homework but also stresses you out and distracts your child. So, make sure that you have a homework closet or cabinet that is stocked with everything your child will need for doing school-related work. Paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, craft supplies and other stationery items must all go there and stay there.

Do a regular check to replenish supplies and keep an inventory of what’s in the closet.

Special Homework Notebooks

Jazz up doing homework by giving your kids special, personalized photo notebooks for them to jot down notes as they memorize their lessons. You can create a one-of-a-kind notebook for each child and use their photos to brighten up the pages.

They’ll have so much fun that they’ll forget all about how “boring” a lesson may be. In fact, bring out their personalized photo notebooks only during homework hour and chances are, they’ll actually look forward to doing their projects and activities.

Lifephoto offers you incredible customization options at extremely affordable rates to help you create a photo notebook  that is bound to delight your kids and making doing schoolwork a fun activity.

Lifephoto’s photo notebooks  come in 2 sizes:

5.5 x 8.5 inches

8.5 x 11 inches

The smaller notebook costs you just $5 while the larger one is for $7.50.

Both notebooks are spiral-bound and contain 100 college –ruled pages.

You can add photos and text and also, choose the paper stock. Talk about turning homework hour into happy hour!

How do you make doing homework fun and easy for your kids?

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