Grad Photo Book Can Tell a Whole Story

Graduation Memory Book Can Tell Your Student’s Personal Story

As graduation approaches, think about making a special photo memory book that tells the student’s story — going back as far as you wish. The book can end with the graduation photos, but begin with the first day of college, the first day of high school or the first day of Kindergarten. This very personal photo book can include photos, text and scanned images that help tell your student’s story and who they are as a person.

High School or College Graduation

  • Clubs. Include one or more pages about clubs in which your student participated. Include group and individual photos, club projects/accomplishments. If, for example, your student was in Theater, scan programs from the plays in which he/she was involved.
  • Sports. Same here. Action photos — individual and team — are great. Closeup of your player in uniform. Group shot of  team buddies. Add text about the team, its coaches, its toughest rivals and its scores.
  • Academics. Use pix of your student in the library, working on a class project, reading or just sitting at the kitchen table studying for finals. Capture the academic personality of your student.
  • Social. Dances, school outings, picnics, dates, girlfriends or boyfriends, usual pals. Maybe a picture of your student’s car. Prom.
  • Family. Add pix of your student interacting with family members and pets throughout high school or college. Family events, celebrations, home life settings.

Who Has Your Student Become?

Add graduation photos at the end of the photo book — the culmination of a successful academic journey.

Share-able on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Web Sites

Photo books are easy to share with family and friends on most social media sites. You can even e-mail a full book previewer — without cost.

Start Gathering Your Photos Now.

As you gather them, upload and store them on for free. They’ll be ready to organize as you begin to build your Graduation Memory Book.

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