Go Back to School in Style with Personalized Products from Lifephoto

It’s time!

School is about to start and we can only imagine the crazy rush as you get the kids all geared up for another fantastic school year with notebooks, calendars and more!

We’ve been talking about how our day planners and photo notebooks can help you organize and personalize this busy season of life but today, we have something super special for you.

A complete look at all the personalized back-to-school gear that Lifephoto offers to make going to school stylish, stress-free and so much fun!

Photo Day Planners to Keep Mom Organized

Never forget an after-school activity or school bake sale with these attractive photo day planners that you can customize completely. Not only can you add your favorite photos but you can also add important dates in every month.

Plus, you can start the planner from any month. So, say you want a planner only for the new school year, just go ahead and start your planner from September 2011 instead of having to use an old planner. Cool, isn’t it?

Read more about how our photo day planners  can simplify your life.

Photo Notebooks for Fun at School

Our college-ruled, spiral bound photo notebooks make taking notes, journaling and even, practicing writing skills a joy for every child. With fun photos to brighten up the pages, these photo notebooks are a steal and a must-have for every kid’s backpack.

Here’s more about our photo notebooks  and why they’re a great gift for your school goers.

Stylish Laptop Skins for the College Goers

Have a child headed to college? Let him personalize his laptop with these uber-cool and affordable laptop skins . He’ll get to carry his favorite memories with him and add a huge dose of personalized style as well to his laptop.

Younger kids, too, would enjoy seeing their photos brightening up their laptops as they do their homework research or just play a game during a study break!

Printed on removable paper and in three different sizes, these start at just $9. Talk about personalization on a budget!

SPECIAL: Use the coupon code “b2s” when ordering 2 or more laptop skins to get FREE shipping! Valid till September 10, 2011.

Dry-Erase Boards and Calendars to Remember School Stuff

You know how kids can be about school projects, homework and other important details? Yeah, they forget. With our personalized dry-erase boards and photo calendars, you can ensure that that never happens. Again.

The dry erase boards come with a marker and are the perfect size for a school locker while the calendars can easily brighten up any wall while helping a child to remember important dates and deadlines.

If you want to be extra-careful, you can pair the dry-erase board with a magnetic photo locker calendar as well and help keep your kids organized in style!

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How would you get yourself and the kids organized for back-to-school season this year?

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