Give Love Notes from Your Fairy Princess for Christmas

Put Your Fairy Princess on a Notebook Cover for Grandma

photo notebook from

Small, thoughtful gifts from a child to a grandparent will tug at their heartstrings all year long. Little Ellie loves to dress up as a fairy princess and her mom caught just the right shot that captures the joy of being a child. Her message to Grandma on the notebook cover: “Sprinkling you with lots of fairy dust!  Love from Ellie”

Photo notebooks are quick and easy to make.

Just upload 1 to 7 digital photos to Select MeNotes Personalized Photo Notebooks, decide on a layout/design* and you’re ready to make your gifts.

  • Add text along with your photo(s) to personalize your notebooks.
  • Covers are laminated metallic photographic paper. Your picture will “pop!”
  • All notebooks are spiral-bound and have a sturdy back cover.
  • Three notebook sizes: 1) Mini — 2.5″x3.5″ — Set of 4 is just $7.00; 2) Medium — 5.5″x8.5″ — just $5.00 each; 3) Large — 8.5″x11″ — just $7.50 each.

Make a Photo Notebook in less than 5 minutes!

Yes, it’s really that quick and easy. You can make great stocking stuffers this year, each one personalized for the recipient. And Lifephoto’s MeNotes are very reasonably priced — great for a tight holiday budget.

Don’t you have some photos you’d like to share with someone this Christmas?

*Mini Notebooks can only accept one photo that takes up the entire notebook cover. It cannot accept text or a design because it’s a mini version.

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