Get Organized for the Holidays with Your Day Planner

Yes, I know. It is only September and the holiday season is really 3 months away but if you’re not planned and organized, you could really be caught unawares when the holidays do arrive.


Well, for starters, you have to think about all the shopping, cooking, cleaning and home maintenance, decorating, entertaining. Whew! That is tiring.

This year, make sure that the holidays don’t catch YOU unawares. Instead, prepare and plan for them in a simple, organized fashion with a day planner.

Make Your Holiday Cards List

Your day planner can be used to create your holiday card list so that when you sit down to address those cards, you don’t miss anyone and you have all the addresses and names that you need in one place.

Plan Your Shopping

The festive season is a season of gift-giving and plenty of shopping. Having a comprehensive shopping list with gift ideas, names of recipients and budget will ensure that you don’t do your shopping in a haphazardly manner that can actually end up being more expensive and stressful.

Prepare to Entertain and Cook

Your day planner can also be used to plan your holiday cooking sessions. You can pencil in dates when you’d like to get started on those Christmas cakes and cookies as well as prepare for any entertaining that you’ll be doing during this busy season.

You can also pin special recipes or notes about family members’ food allergies so that you have everything you need in one place.

Organize Decorating the Home

Putting the tree up, getting the ornaments out, deep cleaning the house. Yes, the holidays can be a busy time for the already-busy homemaker. Use your day planner to note days when you’d buy your tree or get it out from storage and put up the decorations.

Deep cleaning can be spread over a few days. You could do bedrooms on a Monday, the kitchen on a Tuesday, the family room on a Wednesday and so on.

Staying organized for the holidays is really a simple activity that has TONS of benefits. Plus, when you have a personalized photo day planner from Lifephoto, you can include lots of photos from the past holidays to keep you inspired and smiling all the way through.

How do you stay organized for the holidays? What planning tips do you have?

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