Garden Photography — Even in Winter

Make Your Garden Photogenic

digital photo of red-crested cardinal on Oahu

Yes, it’s winter — and maybe you have snow and temps far too cold to think about gardening. But this is the time to plan what to put in your garden to make it a good photo spot and attractive to insects and wildlife that would make great photo subjects.

Here’s a post from that offers some tips on mastering simple backyard photography. Put these ideas into action and you can develop a terrific array of garden settings for snapping those digital pictures.

Don’t Forget Winter Garden Photos

Take a look outside your window this winter and  you just might discover some overlooked beauty worthy of some photos. Snow-covered trees, winter birds, an ice-covered pond, a snow-covered shrub, or even just tracks in the snow.

And who’s to say your winter garden is located in a cold climate? Maybe you enjoy year-round garden photography in Florida, Arizona, Hawaii or some other warmer location. The red-crested cardinal (and it’s brown-crested juvenile) were snapped at Hanauma Bay on Oahu.

Keep your digital camera handy. You never know when an great photo opp will present itself. And when you want pro quality digital prints, upload them to

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