Fun, Unique and Classy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Melt a Mom’s Heart

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you don’t want to end up giving mom the same bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates, you need to start right NOW and find gifts that would make your mom feel truly special and loved.

Here are five fun and unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that are bound to make moms feel on top of the world, on their special day:

1.A Classy Canvas Art Print of Their Favorite Photos 

Yes, canvas art prints can add a touch of class and warmth to any room. Add to that a collection of favorite family photos and you can be sure that your Mom would love your thoughtfulness and taste.

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2.A Chic Glass Photo Print 

Right after canvas, is glass. Imagine how your Mom’s face would light up when she would see a gorgeous photo of the family ‘printed’ on glass. Yes, the Gallery Glass photo print is a unique and chic personalized Mother’s Day gift unlike any other.

3.A Personalized Photo Journal 

Does your Mom enjoy jotting down her thoughts at the end of the day? Or maybe she just likes to keep a notebook at hand to write down to-dos and other items of information? Make this routine task SO much more interesting by creating a photo notebook for her this Mother’s Day. You can put all those holiday and Spring Break photos to good use and make a personalized photo journal, just for her.

4.A Photo Book of Mom’s Childhood Photos 

This Mother’s Day gift idea is a great for sentimental moms. And really, isn’t every mom, a sentimental one?

While a photo book, in itself, is a good Mother’s Day gift idea, a photo book made up of Mom’s childhood photos is a fantastic gift.

Yes, if you have a collection of photos from your mother’s childhood, scan them into your computer and create a warm, filled-with-memories photo book for the most special woman in your life.

5.A Personalized Photo Dry Erase Board 

Yes, this one is the perfect gift for the practical mom. Every mother needs a dry-erase board. It is her go-to for jotting down the grocery list, listing reminders and schedules and even, noting down the day’s menu plan. Make this mundane task a special one by gifting her a personalized photo dry-erase board for Mother’s Day. You’ll make her life as a multi-tasking mom SO much easier and a lot more special than ever!

Have you thought of a Mother’s Day gift idea yet?

 Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt

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