Fun Photo Book Ideas: Capture {and Organize} Interesting Moments into Photo Books

You know, we at the Lifephoto team, are all about making your photos more memorable and magical for you. And photo books are a great way of doing that.

Baby’s First Year Photo Book

However, did you know that you can create some really fun photo books besides, the usual birthday, wedding and holiday ones?

That’s right!

Here are 5 super-awesome photo book ideas to help you creatively capture memories and moments:

Baby’s First Year Photo Book

Create a month-by-month account with photos and notes of baby’s first year. Take a photo on the same date every month and save it in a folder on your computer. Add notes about that month. At the end of the year, get it compiled into a photo book of baby’s first year. Beautiful!

A Maternity Photo Book

Before baby arrives, why not put together a book showcasing his arrival? A maternity book is a great way to save the beautiful journey to parenthood. Take photos every month, add pictures of the ultrasounds, include notes about your feelings and emotions and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind photo book to share with your child.

A Photo a Day Photo Book

Have a fun 30-day photo project and at the end of the month you can compile all the photos into a memorable keepsake book. You can capture a photo of the kids, your family, Nature, animals, your culinary creations. Yes, the list is endless and your imagination infinite. Let it run loose!

A Kiddie Art Photo Book

Yes, we all have junior Picassos residing in our homes. Unfortunately, we don’t have the space to save all their artwork. So, what you can do is scan the masterpieces and compile them into a photo book for them to leaf through when they’re all grown up and want to relive the artist-y days.

A Before-We-Got-Married Photo Book

Wedding photo books are commonplace. How about a before-we-got-married photo book showcasing all the beautiful moments you spent together as an engaged couple? You can add special mementoes as well, such as ticket stubs from the first movie you watched together. Yes, it will be a great way to re-ignite the spark once you’ve been married a few years and settled into your everyday lives.

Do you have an idea for a fun photo book? Or maybe you’ve created one? Go ahead and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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