Fun and Simple Ways to Organize Your Photos

Whether digital or print, chances are we ALL have a lot of photographs floating around our homes and laptops. Instead of losing track of these precious memories, do spend some time and thought into organizing them so that you can always look at your photos when you want to and relive happy moments, easily.

Here are some tips on organizing your photos:

1. Know What You’d Like to DO with Your Photos

First things first, know where you’re headed with the photos? How do you want to look at them? On your laptop? In an album? In frames hung on the walls? Do you just want to store them neatly? Or do you want to showcase your life through them?

 2. Sort and Simplify

Next, depending upon what you’d like to do with your photos, start sorting through them and organizing them in one or a combination of the following ways:


Events and occasions

People – friends, family, extended family, acquaintances

Find a sorting system that you’re most comfortable with. You don’t have to go chronological, if you’d much rather look at photos of “memories” rather than a sequence. Similarly, you don’t have to store photos randomly, if you’d much rather enjoy a chronological order of events.

 3. Storing Photos

Now comes the fun part, storing your photos. There are SO many ways to store photos, but choose one that will best suit your family, lifestyle and needs.

You can stash the photos in a large container such as a box or a drawer. However, the flip side of this storage will be that you would still not have really easy access to them. You’ll have to hunt through the entire lot should you want photos of a particular occasion or person.

Photo boxes are another great way to store photos complete with index cards. You can buy a bunch of them and use them to store your photos in the order in which you’ve organized them.

Photo albums are a traditional yet convenient way of organizing and storing photos at one go. Plus, it is SO much easier to flip through an album and relive memories.

Finally, photo books are another great way to organize and store your photos. In fact, you can tell stories about people or occasions through different photo book. For instance, you can create a lovely, photo book for your child’s 13th birthday, compiled with photos and notes right from the time they were born to their 13th year.

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How do YOU organize your photos? Do share!

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